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Terms & Conditions

 The site is a virtual store and customer club established and operated by Green Diamond LLC USA and the purchase through the site is subject to the conditions detailed in these regulations .

Green Diamond LLC USA is an international company that markets and sells premium CBD products in Europe and Israel. All products on our site are produced by European producers from cannabis strains grown organically in Europe under strict production conditions without chemical spraying, using innovative technologies. Our site offers a wide variety of CBD products such as oils, extracts, creams, capsules and edibles. We carefully select our products to ensure consistently high quality, and they all help consumers maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle with a positive impact on the environment . Green Diamond LLC USA specializes in providing advice, guidance and direction before and during the use of our products on the site. CBD products are suitable for a wide range of consumers and target audiences, and are quickly becoming a public asset, not just for those who need CBD for medical purposes. Our vision is to facilitate and improve access to CBD products that benefit health while preserving the quality of the environment for Hebrew-speaking audiences. Our constant ambition is to innovate and provide accessibility, personal service, advice and guidance to our customers . CBD is recommended and/or instruction and/or recommended for the use or modification or withdrawal of any medication, and is not a substitute for consultation with a qualified physician. All the contents on the website do not constitute medical advice and/or a medical opinion and/or a substitute for a consultation with a qualified doctor. The contents appearing on the website are intended to provide information and are not intended for medical advice and/or medical opinion and/or a substitute for consultation with a qualified physician . Green Diamond LLC USA is not responsible for the legal status of the products in the country where they are consumed .

1.1. The terms of use of this website are written in the masculine language, but they apply to both men and women .

1.2. The use of this website is subject to the reading and acceptance of all users (hereinafter: the “user” and/or the “buyer” and/or the “orderer” and/or the “customer”) of these terms of use (hereinafter: the “terms”) .

1.3. The site is operated by Green Diamond LLC USA, located in the United States .

1.4. The site offers a variety of nutritional products, especially CBD products, services and content that include professional information, news and updates on environmental, health and quality of life issues, with an emphasis on quality service and products .

1.5. Green Diamond LLC USA reserves the sole right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to change these terms of use, the website structure, website content, images, videos, product prices and anything Green Diamond LLC USA deems appropriate , including Changing or discontinuing a part of the website and/or the entire website and/or changing the purpose of the website and/or deciding that the entire website or part of it will be open to registered users only .

1.6. These changes and conditions will bind the user from the moment they are published on the website, at the sole discretion of Green Diamond LLC USA and without the need for any prior notice. The user is not allowed to file any claim against the site for these changes and/or malfunctions that occur during the site update .

1.7. These terms constitute a legal contract between Green Diamond LLC USA and the user for all purposes and purposes, which is the sole legal basis between the user and Green Diamond LLC USA. Any action on this website performed by the user and/or on his behalf is absolute consent of the user and/or on his behalf to all the conditions contained in these regulations, and he and/or on his behalf will not have any claim and/or on his behalf. / or a demand towards the website operators and/or on their behalf regarding the validity of these terms and their application to the user and/or on his behalf, including one or more of the following actions :

1.7.1. Register on the site using a private username and password .

1.7.2. Purchase of products and/or services (hereinafter: “Product”) offered for sale on the website .

1.7.3. Browsing the website of Green Diamond LLC USA while reading content .

1.7.4. Contact using the forms on the website

Green Diamond LLC USA. 1.8. These terms do not derogate from the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981-5571 and the regulations established pursuant to it, as far as they apply to the website, except in cases where the instructions can be waived and said waiver is made explicitly or implicitly as part of the website’s activity .

2.1. Green Diamond LLC USA acts as an intermediary between the customer and TheRealCBD, the Swiss manufacturer and/or supplier and/or importer (hereinafter: the “manufacturer”) of the product purchased by the user through the website. As part of this mediation, information about products received from the manufacturer is published. The information about the products appearing on the website is published as received from the manufacturer and is therefore solely the responsibility of the manufacturer of the specific product . Green Diamond LLC USA does its best to present quality, accurate and detailed information, including commercial content, product details and advertising content provided by the manufacturer on the website. These contents will appear in the form of text or image . Green Diamond LLC USA will not be responsible for any of these content posted on the site provided by the manufacturer. The sole responsibility for the contents appearing on the site and for any result that may arise from their use or reliance shall apply to the manufacturer who provided the information. The publication of these contents on the website does not constitute a recommendation or approval by Green Diamond LLC USA to purchase the products offered for sale . Green Diamond LLC USA will not be responsible for any result arising from the purchase of products or services appearing and/or advertised on the website. It should also be noted that the images of the products on the website are for illustration purposes only, and there may be differences between the image and the product being sold .

2.2. Also, links to external websites do not constitute a guarantee that these are safe, high-quality or reliable websites, and visiting them is at the discretion and responsibility of the user only .

2.3. Professional information/news and updates: All content in these categories is original content written after thorough research and repeated testing . Green Diamond LLC USA makes every effort to provide reliable and accurate information, but if the information is found to be inaccurate or reliable, the site will not be responsible for any damage or emotional distress caused as a result. The rights to the contents, as well as to the original photos on the site, belong to Green Diamond LLC USA, and they may not be used, including their public distribution, without express prior written permission from the site’s management .

2.4. Intellectual Property: Copyright, intellectual property, content, design, media files, graphics, videos, images, commercial videos, site code on the website and/or blog are all reserved to Green Diamond LLC USA . Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to distribute, display, copy, reproduce, publish, imitate, change, process code snippets, modify or use in any other way any material related to the website and/or blog, both by the user and through or in partnership with any third party , in any way or means, whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording media, or in any other means or way, without obtaining prior written approval from Green Diamond LLC USA, subject to the terms of the agreement, if provided .

  1. Information Security and Privacy Policy Green Diamond LLC USA makes every effort to maintain the security and privacy of user information. They take all reasonable steps to secure the user’s information and do not disclose it to third parties, unless required by law or in cases where the user himself has published public information and data .

Green Diamond LLC USA is an online platform, therefore they cannot guarantee absolute immunity from computer system disruptions or unauthorized entry by third parties who may access or use the stored information . Green Diamond LLC USA shall not be directly or indirectly responsible for disclosure and use of user information resulting from unauthorized access by third parties or acts or omissions beyond the control of Green Diamond LLC USA.

The users acknowledge and agree that Green Diamond LLC USA may disclose information about the user and any data related to the use as required by a court order or as part of legal proceedings or in the event of a dispute, claim or violation of this policy by the user. In addition , Green Diamond LLC USA may, at their sole discretion, consider it necessary to prevent serious damage to themselves or any other person, or to merge their activities with a third party .

3.1. Site user / visitor management

3.1.1. The server of Green Diamond LLC USA may automatically save information created by the user, the information includes, among others, the IP address, the type of browser, the website that referred the user to the Green Diamond LLC USA website , etc. The website operator may use a variety of services from third parties in order to provide the user with the service within which information about the user may be collected by the third parties .

3.1.2. Also, the website operator reserves the right to block any user either by blocking the IP address of his computer or depending on the country of origin without having to provide an excuse acceptable to the user .

3.1.3. This site may use “cookies ” and internal statistics interfaces, in order to maintain anonymous statistical records of the user and analyze the user’s movement, etc. in addition to make it easier for the user not to have to enter his personal information every time he visits the site in the section that requires registration and in order improve the user experience on the website. From the website , Green Diamond LLC USA will be allowed to use ” cookies ” for each user


4.1. Green Diamond LLC USA allows users to purchase properties and/or services offered for sale by the manufacturer in a convenient and fast way through the website . Green Diamond LLC USA makes every effort to ensure that the assets and/or services displayed on the site reach the user from the manufacturer in a fully valid and complete condition. Therefore, without deviating in any way from the above, the responsibility for the quality and/or suitability of the product and/or the defects found in it after the sale shall apply in full to the manufacturer subscribed to the specific property/service purchased .

4.2. Green Diamond LLC USA undertakes to do its best to maintain the proper operation of the site and in this context , Green Diamond LLC USA does everything in its power to protect the site from disruptions, violations and/or attacks. Also , Green Diamond LLC USA may periodically perform maintenance operations on the website, including suspending the website for extended periods . Green Diamond LLC USA will make efforts to avoid said interruptions and to shorten their duration as much as possible. At the same time , Green Diamond LLC USA will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from and/or related in any way to the use and/or execution of actions on the site and/or due to disruptions in the site’s activity and/or interruptions for short or long periods of time. The site operator and/or anyone on their behalf will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case where your registration to the site was not accepted (for any reason) and/or for any technical problem that prevents you from joining the site and/or performing any other action on the site .

Performing actions on the site Green Diamond LLC USA

5.1. Only a user who meets all the following requirements may purchase on the site :

5.1.1. The user is over 18 years old .

5.1.2. The user is legally competent to perform binding legal actions .

5.1.3. The user has a valid identity card or passport or is a registered and incorporated company .

5.1.4. The user has a valid credit card .

5.1.5. The user has an active email address on the Internet .

Order/sales process

6.1. The products and services offered for sale on the website are offered at a predetermined price and are displayed in shekels until the stock runs out. When choosing a product, please refer to the product page before making the purchase, where the technical specifications, descriptions and prices will appear. However, the product page and/or the order form may contain additional transaction terms that override these terms and conditions. In this case, the terms of this agreement will prevail, unless the additional terms do not contradict this agreement, then these will be cumulative terms (hereinafter: “the product “).

6.2. In the order form you must fill in the personal details requested by the site such as full name, address, phone, email and payment method for the product(s) and a separate payment for shipping fees, and finally send the form accurately. , complete and correct details (hereinafter: “Ordering”). We will use your personal information to process your order, offer you support throughout the process on this website and perform other actions .

6.3. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the order details are filled in accurately in order to ensure that the order is fulfilled. Please note that Green Diamond LLC USA is not responsible for any damage caused to the user due to incorrect and/or inaccurate information provided .

6.4. During the order process, the ordered product will be checked for stock availability, and the credit card details will be verified by the credit company for payment approval. Upon receipt of approval from Green Diamond LLC USA, the order will be processed for packaging and shipping (hereinafter: “Order Confirmation”). Please note that the buyer’s credit card will be charged when placing the order .

6.5. If the credit company does not approve the order, and therefore no order confirmation is given, the buyer will receive an appropriate notification. To complete the purchase process, the buyer will be required to contact the credit card company for payment authorization for the transaction. It should be noted that the transaction will be considered complete only after Green Diamond LLC USA receives a payment confirmation from the credit company .

6.6. If the buyer does not settle the authorization within two days of receiving the notification of the credit card company’s refusal to authorize the transaction , Green Diamond LLC USA reserves the right to cancel the order .

6.7. All orders and product deliveries are subject to the existence of a sufficient inventory of the product offered for sale .

6.8. Green Diamond LLC USA offers products and services on the site in quantities, prices and terms as it deems appropriate from time to time, without prior notice. The company reserves the right to add and/or remove products and services from the website, to determine the quantity of each product and/or service offered for sale, the method of purchase and the purchase price. In any case, it will be clarified that the fixed price is the price of the product displayed on the website and not the price that may appear (if at all) on the price tag of the product .

6.9. Green Diamond LLC USA makes every effort to maintain a sufficient inventory of the products as required and to update the website system when a product is out of stock. However, there may be exceptional cases where a product is out of stock, but the website system has not been updated. In such a case, if the order is cancelled, the buyer will receive a full refund, including shipping fees .

6.9.1. In cases where other products from the same purchase were sent to the customer , Green Diamond LLC USA will credit the buyer for the temporarily sold out product without shipping fees .

6.9.2. It is hereby clarified that Green Diamond LLC USA will not bear any claim, demand

7.1. The products sold at Green Diamond LLC USA are shipped from Europe, directly by the manufacturer, as an international shipment .

7.2. Shipments: After confirmation of the order, the order will be sent to the address provided at the time of ordering. You must use the residential address and not the workplace address, in order to reduce the chance that the shipment will be lost after delivery or will be charged with customs clearance and additional taxes unnecessarily. If the address provided is nevertheless a public or workplace address , Green Diamond LLC USA will not be responsible if the shipment is lost after delivery .

7.3. Delivery time: usually delivery times vary between 10-20 business days. If the package has not reached its destination after 60 business days, an option will be given for a monetary credit or a new shipment at the expense of Green Diamond LLC USA. All orders placed between Sunday and Thursday until 16:00. Will be processed the next business day. Orders are not shipped, and usually not delivered, during weekends and holidays. In exceptional cases, there may be delays in treatment times. In such cases, a notification will be given about the follow-up immediately upon its formation .

7.4. Shipping: Estimated shipping times may vary if your order is delayed by customs for inspection .

7.5. Delivery confirmation and delivery tracking: After the order has been sent, a confirmation will be sent to the email provided at the time of ordering, which includes a tracking number. The tracking number will be active up to 24 hours from the moment the order is sent .

7.6. Customs and/or VAT payments :

7.6.1. All orders placed on the website are sent to customers from Europe directly by the relevant manufacturer .

7.6.2. Green Diamond LLC USA will not be responsible for customs or VAT payments that will be made in connection with the order by the authorities at the time of delivery. More information on personal imports to Israel can be found on the Tax Authority website .

7.7. Shipments that were lost or did not reach their destination: If the order is lost while in the possession of the shipping company , Green Diamond LLC USA will send a replacement product. If damage occurs to the order during shipping, please contact us by email with the order details, photos of the packaging and the damage caused to the product .

7.8. Returns :

7.8.1. From the moment you receive your order, you can return it to Green Diamond LLC USA within 14 days and in its original packaging and receive the full amount paid (not including the shipping cost). With the exception of liquid products, it is not possible to return because Green Diamond LLC USA cannot take responsibility for improper storage on the part of the customer .

7.8.2. If any product has been opened or used, it cannot be returned .

7.8.3. To return any product, please contact Green Diamond LLC USA by email with your order details .

7.9. Warranty :

7.9.1. The warranty for the products is provided by the manufacturer and not directly by Green Diamond LLC USA.

7.9.2. CBD constitutes a recommendation and/or instruction and/or advice for the use or modification or reduction of any medication and is not a substitute for consultation with a specialist physician. All content on the website is not a substitute for professional advice or a certified ghost recommendation. The contents appearing on the website are intended to provide information and do not constitute medical advice and/or a medical opinion and/or a substitute for consultation with a specialist doctor .

7.9.3. Green Diamond LLC USA is not responsible for the legal status of the products in the country where they are consumed .

7.10. Cancellation of a purchase by Green Diamond LLC USA: Without detracting from the above , Green Diamond LLC USA may cancel the customer’s right to place an order( s ) on the website and/or over the phone in any of the following cases, the user and/or the person in his possession. There will be no claims, claims or demands against the website operator and/or on her behalf :

7.10.1. If the orderer’s details were not properly received for any reason by the orderer , Green Diamond LLC USA may cancel the order at its discretion .

7.10.2. When the order is made illegally and/or not according to these regulations , Green Diamond LLC USA will be entitled to cancel the order .

7.10.3. A notice of cancellation of an order will be given to the customer based on the details provided by him when filling the order .

7.10.4. If there is a clerical error in the order , Green Diamond LLC USA will be entitled to cancel the order .

7.10.5. If when filling the order, the orderer provided incorrect information on purpose .

7.10.6. If the customer has committed an act or omission that harms or may harm the Green Diamond LLC USA site or any third parties, including customers and suppliers of Green Diamond LLC USA.

7.10.7. If the surfer used the services of the Green Diamond LLC USA site in order to commit an illegal act according to law or to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the commission of an illegal act .

7.10.8. If the user has violated the terms of the provisions of this agreement .

7.10.9. If the credit card in the orderer’s possession has been blocked or restricted for use in any way .

7.11. Law and discretion: These terms and conditions shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, without regard to its conflict of law rules. Any dispute arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States .